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Controlled Chaos: Tohubohu Productions News

Welcome to the official Tohubohu Productions website. Find the latest news right here, from production plans to upcoming screenings to general updates. Be sure to check back, or subscribe to the RSS feeds (links at right)!

Adding “Winston” to the Tohubohu film catalog, plus more festival screenings!

Well, we promised we wouldn't overload your inboxes with messages — and given how long it's been between updates, we're definitely keeping that promise… though I don't recall ever promising that the messages would be short. And this time we definitely have a lot to cover!

Firstly, we have one more short film to add to the ever-growing Tohubohu catalog: “Winston.” Ariana Almajan stars as Alina, a sales representative who, eager for a promotion at work, agrees to take on what appears to be a straightforward task: Housesitting and taking care of her boss Sybil’s precious dog, Winston. But confusion sets in when Alina arrives at the home only to discover that ”Winston” is in fact a stuffed animal — leading her to question both her boss’s motives and her mental state.

The film also stars Michael Gabel, Brian Mac Ian, Carol Lampman McCaffrey and Keith Waters, and got a great audience reception, being selected to screen as part of the “Best of the 48 Hour Film Project” showing for Washington, DC. The film was written by “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” co-writer/co-producer Anna Coughlan, directed by Bill Coughlan, and shot primarily out in Fairfax, Virginia (with a quick trip into DC for one office scene — which unfortunately had to be cut from the competition edit of the film). Check out the trailer below, and stay tuned (both here and at our Twitter feed and Facebook page) for updates on where you can catch it!

Speaking of catching our films on the big screen, in addition to the festivals I mentioned as “coming up” in the last update (the Miami Independent Film Festival and the Film Festival at Little Washington for “The Greater Evil,” the UPike Film & Media Arts Festival for “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West,” and the May Day Sustainability Shorts Festival for “Green House”), Tohubohu Productions has made a few more festival screenings (and taken home a couple of awards) since our last update:

And there are also several screenings to come in the next few months — or days, even:

While scheduling conflicts have prevented us from throwing our hats in the ring for the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project competition (or the Richmond one, which we were also eyeing), we do hope to get back into production mode soon. But in the meantime, we're plenty busy just keeping up with the promotional process.

Stay tuned to our social media profiles to get the latest — we hope to keep everyone updated with more news soon!

Featured video: The trailer for “Winston,” Tohubohu’s entry in the 2016 DC 48 Hour Film Project.

Rosebud, Filmapalooza and beyond!

It’s been a lot longer than I’d planned since our last update, but there have been — and continue to be — a slew of opportunities to see Tohubohu productions on the silver screen:

In immediate upcoming news, Tohubohu Productions will be attending the Spring 2016 Stonehenge Auditions on Monday, April 4 — and we’d love to see as many actors as possible. Be sure to fill out your full (free) profile at to be eligible for an audition slot!

And of course, it’s coming up on time again for the annual Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project, taking place over the weekend of April 29–May 1! We are officially signed up to participate, so we’ve got to start assembling the team. If you’ve done this before, you know the drill — we’re looking for cast and crew; experience with us is definitely a plus, but not a requirement (as we always welcome new blood). Our production options are wide open this year — we might be shooting in Alexandria, Fairfax, DC… who knows? So if you’re up for the challenge, let us know (a) that you’d like to pitch in, and (b) what you can bring to the team.

That’s all for now — we look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Featured video: The trailer for “The Greater Evil,” Tohubohu’s city award-winning entry in the 48 Hour Film Politics & Comedy Project 2016.

Year-end awards and upcoming screenings!

Happy holidays from Tohubohu Productions! We’ve already gotten some of our presents — namely, a slew of awards and a local film festival acceptance!

We were happy to represent at last month’s TIVA Peer Awards ceremony held at the beautiful French Embassy — and even happier to see two of our films, “Codependence Day” and “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West,” take home multiple honors:

  • Bronze Award: Director of Photography - Fiction: “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” (Dan Foster)
  • Silver Award: Editing - Fiction: “Codependence Day” (William R. Coughlan, Brad Hartland)
  • Bronze Award: Scriptwriting - Fiction: “Codependence Day” (William R. Coughlan)
  • Bronze Award: Scriptwriting - Fiction: “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” (Anna Coughlan, William R. Coughlan)
  • Bronze Award: Directing - Fiction: “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” (William R. Coughlan)
  • Bronze Award: Independent Short: “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West”

We also received word that “The Greater Evil” has been recognized by the Best Shorts Competition with an Award of Merit in the category of Liberation/Social Justice/Protest! Very excited to have this one seen by a wider audience. We’re continuing to make tweaks to the final edit of this piece (including a few additional pickup shots) to keep up with the changing political landscape as we approach 2016 — so if anyone’s interested in lending a hand, drop us a line ASAP!

Speaking of being seen, “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” has been accepted into the 25th annual Rosebud Film Festival! The Nominee Showcase will be held at the Navy Heritage Center in Washington, DC, on Saturday, January 23. Tickets to the full slate of films at the festival (and the Awards Gala the following evening) are only $15.00, and can be purchased online. Would love to see you all there! (We’ll also be doing a promotional interview for Picture Lock in advance of the screening — so be sure to check out our Twitter feed and Facebook page for details on when you’ll be able to see that.)

And don’t forget, “The Greater Evil” will be screening at Filmapalooza in Atlanta next March. Registration is now open, though early bird rates expire January 8 — so be sure to get your tickets before the prices go up.

That’s it for now — hope to see you at one of our upcoming events! And while you’re here, why not take a couple of minutes to revisit the trailers for our soon-to-be-screened (not to mention recently awarded) shorts?

Tex: Wisdom of the Old West — Original Trailer

A young man struggling to confront a neighborhood nemesis seeks inspiration from an unusual friend — specifically, an out-of-time gunslinger with the wisdom of the Old West.

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The Greater Evil — Original Trailer

A jaded political campaign operative gradually realizes the horrific true nature of the popular yet brash candidate she is working for.

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