All Roads Lead Away

2008 · 9:05 · Written by Barry Lyga · PRODUCED by Pam W. COUGHLAN · DIRECTED BY WILLIAM R. COUGHLAN

Richard and Kate have lost everything: Job, home, lifestyle. Now, with everything they own packed into their battered old station wagon, they’re just trying to make it to Cleveland, where Richard’s brother has offered a chance to start over. But making the journey is easier said than done, and when Richard’s plans to borrow money from an old friend fall through, they are left with no choice but to seek out an old flame of Kate’s for help. But will this truly be a chance to move on, or the catalyst for a larger life change?

Following on 2007’s experience working with a seasoned author, Tohubohu recruited novelist Barry Lyga to pen 2008’s entry in the 48 Hour Film Project, once again produced by Pam W. Coughlan and directed by William R. Coughlan. Produced entirely from May 2nd through the 4th, “All Roads Lead Away” was Tohubohu’s sixth entry in the competition, and premiered at the AFI Silver Theatre on Friday, May 9th.

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We continued our string of working with accomplished YA authors by recruiting Barry Lyga — hot on the heels of his successful novel ‘The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl’ — to the team for ‘All Roads Lead Away.’ In preliminary brainstorming about the script (and well aware of the time limitations of a short film), Barry and I concentrated on boiling the plot down to the essential nature of a ‘road movie’: traveling toward an intended destination. We thought about exactly how we would want that journey (both literally and thematically) to resolve, planning to work back from that conclusion. Traditionally, the protagonists arrive at their promised destination, changing as a result of their journey. But we felt there was more dramatic mileage to be gained if they failed to arrive. What series of events would result in that outcome? Turning those road-movie expectations on their head, and capitalizing on the readily identifiable real-world recession dominating the news, Barry crafted a straightforward story about a couple struggling with hardship and desperately hoping to make a new start. Anchored by stellar performances from Jennifer Massey and Joe Hansard (both of whom had worked with us on the just-wrapped ‘Number One With a Bullet’), the film struck a chord with audiences and remains relevant to this day.
— William R. Coughlan

Bronze Award

48HFP: Overall
2011 TIVA Peer Awards


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One sheet poster image by Nicholas A. Tonelli, used under a Creative Commons license.