Behind the Podium

2004 · 27:42 · edited by Ginny Filer · produced by Ginny Filer, Adam Young, and Lee Kiechel Koles

A special, privately commissioned 40th birthday video, edited together from existing footage and newly produced interviews in the style of a “Behind the Music” piece.

‘Behind the Podium’ was an ‘undercover’ video produced for a surprise 40th birthday party. It comprises video, pictures and music collected from friends and family around the country, all assembled together to mimic VH1’s Behind the Music. The challenge was piecing together the various stories, home movie footage and pictures into something that encapsulated both the history and humor of his life, but also the spirit and influence he had on those closest to him. Judging from the reaction at the party, I would have to say it was a success, something the family can treasure for years to come.
— Ginny Filer