Loose Ends

2004 · 5:41 · written, produced and directed by William R. Coughlan

Rachael and Frank are longtime detectives who have just completed one of the biggest cases of their career. But as they sit down for a well-deserved celebratory drink, Rachael begins to raise concerns about the neatness with which the case wrapped up. As Frank plays devil’s advocate, the two begin to question some of the conclusions they’ve drawn, ultimately threatening their friendship… and perhaps more.

“Loose Ends” was originally produced as an audition video for the 2004 Project Greenlight competition. The piece was brought under the Tohubohu umbrella following the group’s official launch.

TOHUBOHU PRODUCTIONS and C MEDIA present  “LOOSE ENDS”  starring WALLACE GARNER  NELLO DeBLASIO  featuring RICHARD WILT  COURTNEY DAVIS  and COLLIN KLAMPER  music by SCOTT ANDREW LePERA  edited by WILLIAM R. COUGHLAN  director of photography ADAM YOUNG  associate producer NELLO DeBLASIO  co-producers ADAM YOUNG  GINNY FILER  executive producer CHRISTINE BRITTON  written, produced and directed by WILLIAM R. COUGHLAN
‘Loose Ends’ was really the first time I took all of the professional production expertise I’d developed over the past several years and applied it to the sort of ‘fun’ pieces I’d made in high school and college. While not produced on quite as tight a timeline as ‘Schlimmer’ or ‘Screening Process,’ it was still put together in just over a week. The story’s genesis came from a vague idea I’d been toying with for a larger ‘buddy cop’ drama that never got past the drawing board; by reenvisioning it as a short, I was able to use that idea without having it stalled by the daunting task of folding it into a full-length feature screenplay. I think the end product suffered a bit from the abbreviated story-writing timeline (and at one point I toyed with shooting a few pickups to address some of those shortcomings), but the great location, memorable performances, and distinctive atmosphere still make this a piece I enjoy watching just the way it is.
— William R. Coughlan