Politics & Comedy: Tohubohu goes for a third 48-hour weekend!

We made “Codependence Day” for the DC 48 Hour Film Project (and were selected for the “Best of DC” screening). Then we turned around and made “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” for the Baltimore competition, where we took home an Audience Choice Award and Best Musical Score recognition. But we’re not done yet — we’re wrapping up our summer filmmaking season with a bang: The 48 Hour Politics & Comedy Project!

This one’s largely the same as the regular 48 Hour Film Project, but instead of drawing one of several film genres, we’ll be drawing two specialized subgenres — one a political subgenre and the other a comedic one. Think “Campaign Trail” or “Whistle Blower,” or maybe “Dark Comedy” or “Slapstick.” No wild card options; we’ll have to make one or the other. So who knows? This may be our excuse to push out of our light-comedy wheelhouse and do something with some bite…

The competition weekend will be coming up in just a couple of weeks: September 25–27 (with the premiere screening at the Burke Theater at Navy Memorial on October 2). It’s only open to 30 teams max, and the winning film will also screen at Filmapalooza in Atlanta next March. So if you’re a part of our regular troupe — or just want to see how you can help us make a political statement — be sure to drop us a line right away. (All that said, be advised that my politics definitely lean to the left — so if that’s not your cup of tea, you may prefer to wait until our next go-around. No judgments — I just want to make sure nobody gets caught off guard.)

And as if a sleepless weekend weren’t enough, following right on the heels of our filmmaking weekend, Tohubohu will be representing at the long-overdue return of the Stonehenge Auditions on Monday, September 28! Actors — if you want a chance to audition in front of us and a slew of other producers, be sure to fill out your profile — in full — on the Stonehenge Casting site. (It’s free for actors.) And fellow film producers, be sure to register before noon on Monday, when the producer fees double!

I think that’s all for now — but in the meantime, as a special thanks for reading all the way through this message, enjoy a special viewing of “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” right here!