Festivals (and accolades) galore!

When we sent our last message, we had no idea just how much activity we’d be seeing in the months to come — especially since we knew we likely wouldn’t be producing any new content. But wow, there’s been a lot happening.

Back in July, we had indicated a few festivals we anticipated showing at, but the list really ballooned from there. (Though we were disappointed that the shorts portion of the Minutnik International Film and Beer Festival in Šentjernej, Slovenia, was canceled. Not that we planned to attend, but it really sounded like fun. Because beer.)

So let’s catch up with some highlights from just since the last newsletter — put your collective seat belts on…






But we’re hardly done yet — there’s a lot more coming up in the near future:

Whew! A lot to digest there — and I’m sure I’m probably still missing a few things. Thanks for taking the time to get through it all! As always, stay tuned to our social media profiles to get the latest new, and we’ll keep you all updated with the latest developments!

Featured video: Take a look at this special “TV clips” spot we made to help promote “The Greater Evil” during the election campaign season. If only we’d realized just how prescient we were…