Tohubohu News: April 2017

Set aside the weekend of June 23–25, folks, because at long last, the 48 Hour Film Project is returning to Washington for 2017 — and Tohubohu will be making a movie! Friday, June 23, will be the big event kickoff (and when our writers toil away into the wee hours on the script), Saturday the 24th will be the main shooting day, and Sunday the 25th will be our final push to get the film ready for delivery!

In other news from the past month, “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West” recently screened at the Iconaclash Cinema Review in Annapolis, “Winston” screened at both the Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown and the UPike Film and Media Arts Festival in Pikeville, Kentucky, and “Green House” screened at the i.P.A.S. (Independent Political Activism Short) Film Festival in Athens, Greece. And, of course, a selection of fourteen Tohubohu films screened across the three days of the Indiana Comic Con Film Festival in Indianapolis (where, though three of those films were nominated for awards, we unfortunately came away empty-handed).

Look below for a list of more upcoming Tohubohu screening opportunities!

Upcoming Tohubohu Festival Screenings

This month’s selected Tohubohu trailer: 2011’s environmentally-themed “Green House,” recently shown at the i.P.A.S. Film Festival in Athens, Greece, and the Indiana Comic Con Film Festival in Indianapolis (where it was nominated for “Best Comedy”) — and soon to appear at the Red Shed Film Festival in Rockport, Massachusetts, the Tampa Bay Comic Con Film Festival, and the San Francisco Comic Con Film Festival.