Tohubohu News: September 2017

Might as well get it out of the way: the results of our first two 48 Hour Film Project efforts were disappointing, to say the least. For the DC competition, “The Rest of Your Life” was disqualified from awards consideration due to a single missed word (or rather, an extra word) in the required line. And “Believe Me,” our entry in the Richmond 48 Hour Film Project, got a great audience reaction, but was not selected for that city’s “Best Of” screening — though I remain proud of the film we made. You can check out the trailer below — a comedic take on the classic “Boy Who Cried Wolf” fable.

Of course, this isn’t the end of the line for either film; we are currently submitting both shorts to film festivals worldwide, so stay tuned for updates!

And we’re not stopping there. We’re diving in once more before the year’s out: competing in the upcoming 48 Hour Film Horror Project for Washington, DC, taking place over the weekend of October 20-22 — with the finished project premiering on (appropriately enough) Halloween night at the Landmark E Street Cinema! Want to join in? Let us know ASAP as we start assembling the team.

In other Tohubohu news over the past several weeks, “Liability” screened at the Horror Avenue Film Festival; “Winston” at the Canine Film Festival; “Tex,” “The Greater EvilandWinston” at the Silver Screen Film Festival (where “The Greater Evil” took home Best Thriller honors). “Winston” also screened at the Clifton Film Festival (for which we had to scramble back from our “Believe Me” premiere to attend); “The Writer’s Dilemma” and “Green House” screened at the Lanett City Film Festival; and “The Greater Evil” showed at both the Cine Miami Fest (taking the Best Feature Film award) and the Global Impact Film Festival. And a nearly full slate of Tohubohu films showed at both the Tampa Bay Comic Con and San Francisco Comic Con festivals.

Coming up, “Winston” and “Please Forward” will be screening in Morocco at the Ouarzazate International Film Festival this week (our first-ever screenings in Morocco), and “The Greater Evil” will be showing a bit closer to home at the Midwest Horror Fest in Logansport, Indiana. [Edit: Turns out the Ouarzazate International Film Festival is kind of a shady operation — accepted and confirmed a whole bunch of films, made repeated excuses for not releasing the final program before the start of the festival, and then inexplicably dropped a vast number of films, all while trying to blame the filmmakers for violating their rules (which was patently false).]

Before we sign off, a couple of other upcoming events worthy of note: Next Saturday, September 23, TIVA will be holding their sixth annual Yard Sale & Cookout at DCTV; it’s a great opportunity to pick up some gently used gear at bargain prices. And speaking of TIVA, the 2017 Peer Awards will be coming up on November 11, once again at the French Embassy in DC. We’ve submitted “The Rest of Your Life” for consideration in a few categories, so keep your fingers crossed. (Alas, “Believe Me” was finished too late for eligibility this year.)

Take care, and talk to you again soon!

Upcoming Tohubohu Festival Screenings

This month’s selected Tohubohu trailer:Believe Me,” our entry in the 2017 Richmond 48 Hour Film Project, which premiered July 22 at the Grace Street Theater!