Starting 2017 with a bang!

A lot’s happened since our last newsletter in November — to say nothing of the fact that it’s time for our annual call to gear up for this year’s 48 Hour Film Project!

I’ll start with the latter first, since that’ll be fairly straightforward: If you’re interested in joining the Tohubohu team for this year’s weekend filmmaking extravaganza (dates still TBD), let me know sooner rather than later! Be advised that since the nation apparently didn’t heed the cautionary tale of “The Greater Evil” — and reality seems to be nearing that film’s dire conclusion more with each passing day — it’s a near-certainty that whatever we produce will have substantial political overtones…

All right, with that call to action out of the way, let’s talk about the festival appearances our films have had since last we spoke:






And we have still more to come in the weeks ahead (so be sure to let me know ASAP if anyone’s interested in representing us at these events)!

And… drumroll, please… a massive slate of Tohubohu Films will be screening at not one, not two, but three comic convention festivals this year: The Indiana Comic Con Film Festival in April, the Tampa Bay Comic Con Film Festival in July, and the San Francisco Comic Con Film Festival in September!

In all, fourteen Tohubohu films will be showcased at each festival: “All Roads Lead Away,” “Please Forward,” “Uncertainty Principle,” “Liability,” “Number One With a Bullet,” “Green House,” “Touched by a Lawyer,” “Remorseless,” “The Writer’s Dilemma,” “Uke & Trust Me,” “Codependence Day,” “Tex: Wisdom of the Old West,” “The Greater Evil,” andWinston.”

Moreover, four of those films have already been nominated for awards at their respective festivals:

All in all, a fantastic close to 2016, and a promising start to 2017! (On a side note, I’m realizing that I have got to start sending these out more frequently, given the sheer amount of news that they cover as it stands!)

Featured video: In honor of its upcoming appearance at the Maryland International Film Festival, we thought we’d once again showcase the trailer for last year’s 48 Hour Film Project entry “Winston.”