One Night Down, One to Go

Well, I’d call last night’s shoot a success. Granted, we didn’t come close to hitting our planned 11:00 wrap time — well, unless you consider 1:00 a.m. (not including breakdown time) “close.” On the plus side, though, we got some fantastic material, in most cases better than I could have hoped; and this despite the increasing fatigue of folks going through the scenes for what seemed like the millionth time. Both cast and crew were unbelievably helpful and dedicated, particularly given my own frequent uncertainty. We also managed to get all of the shots at that particular location finished, which makes today’s stuff a little less stressful, as we won’t have to go through the whole setup/breakdown there again.

So one more quick shoot this afternoon, and a couple of scenes this evening, and we’ll be finished with principal photography.

And with luck, I’ll get more than the four hours of sleep I managed last night. Before editing begins bright and early on Saturday.