Well, It’s Official: I’m Entered

Just finished the final audio mix last night — for both the “Director’s Cut” and the “Project Greenlight” versions — for “Loose Ends.” And this morning I filled out the official entry forms.

So all that’s left to do is send it out. And by my original reckoning, I’m a day early. Of course, the prudent course of action would be to use that extra day to make any last-minute fixes, changes, etc., but a part of me just wants to get the thing out the door. We’ll see.

Eventually, I’ll probably post a version of it on-line, but for now, I’m going to hold off until I see how things go in the contest. The first hurdle — the announcement of the “Top 250” scenes — is scheduled for March 25th. Assuming I make that cut (and for the record, I’m not assuming anything just yet), I’ll have until April 12th to submit a “Fimmaker Video,” a sort of bio piece that’ll have to grab their attention. Given some of the videos I’ve seen in years past, that’ll be a tall order.

But one step at a time, eh?

I want to thank everyone who helped out with this piece — and there are a lot of you. Let me make special thanks to my co-producers Adam Young and Ginny Filer; I really couldn’t have done it without you. To my stars — principals Nello DeBlasio and Wallace Garner, and featured players Richard Wilt, Courtney Davis, and Collin Klamper — let me say the scene would not have been nearly as polished as it was without your invaluable creative insights. And Tom Bridge, thank you for the use of your camera — some of the most dramatic shots in the finished piece would not have existed without your assistance (which just goes to show you that some of the best material results from “happy accidents”).

I’ll keep everyone posted on the results, and we’ll all just have to see what happens. In the meantime, I’ve got to get back to work on the screenplay competition part...