And... Action!

This just in: Project Greenlight is back! Not the series (yet, though it’ll be airing on Bravo this time around), but the contest behind it all. I’ve entered twice before, and I’ll be doing it again this time.

This year, however, I’ll be entering both the screenwriting and directing contests (as of last season, the contest was split in two). I’ve already put together a working script for my three-minute directing scene (entitled “Loose Ends”), as well as a potential shooting location (casting will be a little tougher). The feature screenplay (Holding Pattern) is coming into shape, though the mandate this year is to go with more of a “genre” film — so I’ve still got more work to do to be able to (realistically) think of it as a “romantic comedy.”

Hey, if anyone wants to offer a critique (as opposed to just reading for fun), let me know. And if anyone wants to help out with the scene — a far more collaborative effort than writing, to be sure — I’m more than happy to have you.

But at the very least, I recommend that everyone head over to the PGL site and take a look. You don’t have to be an aspiring filmmaker — you can sign up as a reviewer, which means you’ll have a chance (but not an obligation) to read and critique submitted screenplays. Chosen at random, naturally, so I won’t be able to game the system by having my friends all give me glowing reviews.

Though if I figure out a way to do that, believe me, I’ll let you know.