We’re In!

Just got a notice that — even though the applications period for the 48-Hour Film Project hasn’t closed yet — team “Tohubohu” is guaranteed a slot in the competition. Sometimes it pays to be prompt: Because our application was one of the first ten received, we get in. Anyone whose entry is received after those first ten goes into a random drawing for a chance to compete.

So now I’ve just got to send in the remainder of our entry fee — another $100 — and start making preparations. Sure, the creative part all has to be done in that one weekend (May 7th through the 9th), but there’s still a lot to accomplish in the meantime. First of all, I need to assemble our team — so if you want to join us (and can be in D.C. — or help out remotely — for at least some portion of that weekend), either make a note in the comments for this entry or send me an e-mail.