Tonight’s the Night!

Ooh, I’m all atwitter with anticipation.

Tonight, at long last, my big-screen debut as an indie director. Frankly, I can’t even begin to explain the excitement this brings. I mean, sure, I had produced “Loose Ends” before, but that never got shown except to friends and family — and certainly never got projected up on a real movie screen. (No, running it through a tabletop projector at the office doesn’t count.)

I’ve mastered at least a rough version of a Tohubohu DVD; it’s pretty bare-bones at the moment, but the structure’s assembled — and frankly, even now it’s got more “extras” than some commercial releases. For “Loose Ends,” there’s a Director/D.P. commentary track, on-screen text notes, the original Project Greenlight edit, cast and crew mini-bios, original storyboards (with running commentary), a slew of production photographs, the complete original script, and selections from the soundtrack. For “Schlimmer,” the selection is obviously a little lighter, with just a promotional trailer, cast and crew bios, and the soundtrack pieces. But I’m not through yet — we’ll be putting some more on there soon enough. In fact, I’ve structured the disc so that we can add films as they get produced; after all, even with all of that stuff, we’re using up less than half of the available space on the disc. (Now all we have to do is get the website working and I’ll be able to post updates...)

Well, for those of you who are coming to the screening, I’ll see you there — I’ll be the guy in the “Where’s the Schlimmer?” T-shirt bouncing around like a rat on crack.