Oh, I Can’t Be Getting Tired Yet

Yes, you’re reading that time-stamp correctly. It’s three a.m., and I’m only now about to start my “shift” as editor on our little picture. Not that we haven’t done any editing yet — Ginny’s been cutting like mad since three this afternoon (after helping shoot since nine a.m.), and only just left to get some sleep about an hour ago. Right now, my workstation’s capturing all of our later footage (i.e., the tapes we made after Ginny started on the first set).

For those of you keeping track, the genre we drew was “Mystery,” and the three randomly selected requisite elements were a character named “S. Baxter, a professional photographer,” a “rubber duck” as our prop, and, “You know, I love the _______,” as our line of dialogue. I won’t go into any detail just yet (particularly since the machine just finished capturing the footage, and I’ve got to get back to work), but it’s entitled “Schlimmer.”

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