The Call...

Here it is, folks. We’re getting close to “go time.”

In less than two weeks, Tohubohu Productions will launch (and complete) its next short-form motion picture, courtesy of the National Film Challenge. We’ve added several experienced folks to our roster this time around, but we’ve also lost a few of our usual cohorts.

In other words, we have positions available. Plenty of them. Everything from actors to production support, to technical assistance, to hair and makeup... you name it. So if there’s any possibility of your being in the D.C. area the weekend of October 1st through the 4th (or, most especially, Satuday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd) — and if you have any interest in being an integral part of what promises to be an exciting and rewarding creative enterprise — drop me a line A.S.A.P.

I’ve had several folks say they’d like to join, but don’t have any experience. And while I will say that experience isn’t necessary, you might be surprised at just how much experience you’ve actually got.

Good at planning and organizing meetings? You’d make a great Location Manager. Got a keen eye for detail? Step up and play Continuity Reporter. Strong organizational skills? Come help out with shoot scheduling and coordinating the call times of cast and crew. Got a big car? We can always use drivers, for both people and equipment. Like to cook (or just have contacts in the restaurant business who’d like a credits plug)? Hey, an army travels on its stomach. Like to play “scavenger hunt”? Scramble to find obscure costumes, props and locations at a moment’s notice. Have a sense of style? We’ve got openings for everything from set decoration to costumes, hair, and makeup. (Of course, if you’ve always had the coolest costumes come Halloween, you might be a shoo-in for that last one.)

In other words, if in doubt, ask. Believe me — we can find something for you to do. And while we won’t be screening at the AFI Silver Theater this time around, your name will be immortalized in the picture’s credits. And the better the job we can do, the greater the chance that we will end up with that screening...