Change of Plans

The 48 Hour Film Project just had an opening.

And we — that is, the team I’m directing, Tohubohu “Thornhill” — was first on the waiting list.

After a quick call to my producer, I accepted.

We’re back in the competition! Both teams, “Kaplan” and “Thornhill.”

This is what we’d planned all along. Two films, each an independent entity, but connected by a common story thread. I am absolutely walking on air right now.

I’ve now got one hell of a lot of work to do across the next two days, but I’ve got some amazing people all willing to help (as this evening’s little team meeting/pep rally demonstrated — the news couldn’t possibly have come at a better time).

And I’ll have to throw the script we had been doing (a little piece called “Some Kind of Hero,” which I’m pretty damned proud of) out the window for now. But hell, we can always do that later. I’ll get my “Written and Directed by” credit another time.

This we can only do right now. And I’m positively ecstatic.

Okay, gotta run now. I’ve got a lot of calls to make...