Still Waiting...

Still no word on the winners of the audience awards for the 48 Hour Film Project, theoretically due to be announced “early” this week. (The final lineup for the “best of” screening is due “late” this week — so I’m not holding my breath on that one just yet.)

But I did notice that some photos of the kickoff and dropoff events for the D.C. competition have been posted, and you can actually catch yours truly along with producer Geoff Long dropping off the completed copy of “The Big Lie (That Solves Everything)” in photo number 4137. (You can also catch me — looking particularly scruffy — to the side of photo 4134.)

In the meantime, while Baltimore’s looking like more and more of a possibility, I’ve managed to line up a couple of other projects to keep us busy. The first is a simple slideshow-set-to-music DVD for the wife of an old acquaintance. And the second — inspired both by the 48 Hour Film Project and by more performance-based events like the Neutrino Video Project — is a movie-making birthday party. Basically, we’ll shoot elements of a movie with the party attendees (and screen the raw footage there), then fold that footage into a larger story.

That one’s also being done for an old acquaintance. Specifically, an about-to-turn-nine-years-old acquaintance. More specifically, my daughter.

The first project’s pretty straightforward; don’t need any help there. But if any of the old Tohubohu contributors — or, frankly, any other folks — want to help out with the second one (the party will be on the 21st), drop me a line!