Breaking Silence

Ahhh, finally! Anybody who knows me well knows I don’t do well with secrets. But back in February, Tohubohu Productions made a little video, about which I had to keep my big yap shut. And somehow, I managed to do so. Until today, that is.

NBC just announced the cast for the upcoming show The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. And one of the contestants (Sarah, the 25-year-old event planner) is a coworker of mine. But back in February, of course, she was just another hopeful.

So in a bizarre revisiting of past events — we had previously made an (ultimately unsuccessful) audition video for a prospective contestant on the Donald Trump edition of the show — we got behind the camera for yet another Apprentice audition.

Only this time, the contestant made it.

Don’t get me wrong — our part in this accomplishment is exceedingly minor; we could have made the greatest video in the world, and it wouldn’t have gotten an unexceptional candidate in the door. But still, it’s nice to feel like we’re progressing just a bit, from merely garnering a follow-up interview before to getting a competition slot.

And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited at the prospect of potentially seeing even a few frames of our work show up on NBC (or conceivably on the eventual DVD edition of the show).

(Oh, and before anyone asks, I have no idea what happened on the set, or what Martha’s much-debated “catch phrase” will be. Beyond what I’ve just revealed above, I’m as much in the dark as anyone else.)