NFC Finalists Announced

I have to confess that I didn't expect to be writing this, but “Machinations” did not make the cut of the top 15 films in this year’s National Film Challenge. What this means is that — while we are still eligible for individual awards (cinematography, best in genre, editing, acting, etc.) — we are out of the running for the Best Film and Audience Favorite awards. In other disappointing news, it also appears that voting for the Audience Awards (i.e., the posting of the eligible films on the NFC site) will now not occur until December 22, and the full slate of awards will not be announced until the Filmapalooza event, March 8-11 of next year. (Talk about dragging out the timeline...)

I do have to say that I’m still extremely proud of what we all accomplished, and am continuing to submit this and other films in our catalog to appropriate festivals, as well as exploring other distribution and promotion avenues. We are still planning to have a screening of locally produced films in the contest, and will let everyone know when we have the details locked up. And we are also planning to produce at least one non-competition film in the immediate future.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us to date, and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together!

For the record, here's the list of the top 15 films (and, where possible, a link to where they can be viewed online):

Yukai” — Austin Militia, Austin, TX (Horror)
The Silence” — Brain Child, Nashville, TN (Silent Film)
Foxxy Madonna vs. The Black Death” — Cinephreak Pictures, Indianapolis, IN (Spy)
The Make-Up of a Man” — Drop Deuce, Philadelphia, PA (Comedy)
Ashes to Ashes” — The Hi-Def Chefs, Minneapolis, MN (Holiday Film)
Rub Out” — The Isotopes, Los Angeles, CA (Drama)
The Exorsister” — Minefield Entertainment, Chicago, IL (Mockumentary)
Aw, Crap! It’s a Musical?” — Precision Post, Los Angeles, CA (Musical or Western)
All I Wanted Was A Beer” — PunchBelly, Valley Village, CA (Musical or Western)
All Sales Final” — Team CPR, Eugene, OR (Comedy)
Decision 2006” — Team Midas, Albany, NY (Mockumentary)
Everyday” — We Don’t Know Yet Productions, Philadelphia, PA (Holiday Film)
It Happened In Your Neighborhood” — Weary Films, Little Rock, AR (Silent Film)
Showdown at Root Canal” — What’s In A Name Studios, St. Louis, MO (Musical or Western)
Dante’s Massage” — Year of the Rooster, Sherman Oaks, CA (Horror)