Baltimore’s Battle of the Films... and DAVE

Right on the heels of our screening at the Science Fiction Short Film Festival next weekend, we will have one — and possibly two — screenings at the inaugural Battle of the Films in Baltimore. The first screening — on Thursday, February 8 — will feature “Screening Process,” and if we make it to round two (only five films will move on), the second screening — on Thursday, February 15 — will feature “Quite Contrary.” Now, as befits a true “battle,” these are all about viewer reaction — how we do is measured by the rigorously tested and eminently scientific method of audience applause volume.

In other words, we need people to show up. Preferably loud people.

The screenings will be hosted by The Cinema Lounge at Gardel’s, located at 29 South Front Street in Baltimore, and they’ll start at 7:30 pm. So please come if you can!

I also wanted to take a moment to give a quick shout-out to Tohubohu alumnus David Seitzinger, who just finished a program of grueling work at The DAVE School (as in Digital Animation and Visual Effects) in Orlando, Florida. His class’s final project, “Creepers,” is up for viewing on their website. Give it a look — some pretty remarkable stuff! Congratulations, David!