The Home Stretch...

The 2007 48 Hour Film Project fast approaches. Just one week from... well, right about now, we will be dumping our finished film out to tape for the mad cross-town rush to drop it off at the Warehouse Theater. We’ve got a pretty great team returning this time around, but I did want to draw your attention to a couple of welcome additions. First, we have Robin Brande, author of the upcoming YA novel Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, who has graciously stepped in as our writer. And second (thanks to a last-minute agreement between SAG and the 48 Hour Film Project organizers) is actress Mary Lechter, founder of A Class Act: Acting for Young People & Adults. We are extremely honored to be working with them both, and eagerly anticipate our best entry yet.

No pressure or anything... ;-)

From this point forward, we’ll be switching production-based communication over to a smaller, dedicated mailing list, so that casual fans won’t be bombarded with every little detailed announcement. So if you want to come aboard (and haven’t let me know already), please be sure to speak now!

I also want to make one final plea for locations — we want to get as wide a variety of potential shooting spots as possible, and we’re trying to assemble a complete list of potential assets for Robin to work with. So if you’ve got anything that we can use, please let us know ASAP. Unusual is great, but ordinary is still necessary.

So for those of you on the team, we’ll be chatting more soon. For the rest of you, we’ll be in touch about screenings once we catch our collective breath!