Best of the 48 Hour Film Project and “The Lake”

Well, our latest 48 Hour Film Project effort, “Touched by a Lawyer,” is in the can, complete with an extremely successful premiere screening at the AFI Silver Theatre. But if you missed it then, you’ll have one more chance to catch it on the big screen this Thursday evening at 9:30 p.m., as part of the “Best of the 48 Hour Film Project” show (along with a lot of other great films). Tickets are available at the AFI website — be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

Our film — written by veteran Tohubohu scribe Robin Brande — stars Nello DeBlasio, Mary Egan, and Nick DePinto, and also features Richard Fiske, Gale Nemec and Kristina Zilli, with appearances from Linda Gabriel Deutsch, Carol McCaffrey and Ken Coughlan. You can catch a 48-second trailer at our website (already updated to reflect our “Best Of” selection, naturally), and here’s a quick summary to whet your appetite:

Phil has an amazing ability: With a touch, he can see exactly one hour and eight minutes into someone’s past. Unfortunately, it seems to cause him nothing but trouble — especially at the office, where he is called in before the boss and lectured on “inappropriate touching.” His coworker Lily is convinced that his ability makes him a superhero, but Phil is hardly persuaded… until a chance bump with a new client shows him that he may have an opportunity to prove her right.

In other news, over this summer Tohubohu is going to be helping to produce and promote a new short in conjunction with Tarakata Films. “The Lake” is an unconventional dark drama/horror film written and produced by award-winning actress Tara Garwood. The film focuses on two sisters, each dealing in her own way with the childhood loss of their father. Claire still lives at home with Mom and spends her days on the lake in their father’s old rowboat. Laney has built her own life in the city, but when she comes back to visit, the sisters’ discoveries will dredge up the past and the secrets that bind their family together may just tear them apart.

The film is being made under a union contract with the Screen Actors Guild, and we currently have three SAG actors committed to the project. You can follow along with the entire development process at the official production blog, “like” the film’s Facebook page to get the latest updates and screening info, and visit the IndieGoGo campaign page to help us actually get the film made. And, of course, the more word-of-mouth promotion we can get the better (in fact, the same could be said for all of our projects). Spread the word — post links, send tweets, email friends and family… whatever you can do to help!

Finally, I also wanted to send out another reminder about the upcoming TIVA Peer Awards. The final deadline for submissions is June 16. There are a lot of skills categories available, both in front of and behind the camera, and given the extraordinary pool of talent we’ve assembled here, there’s a very real opportunity to be recognized by your peers for your accomplishments. And two changes make this year special — one, the window for eligibility has been opened up to two years instead of just one (making “Uncertainty Principle,” “Liability,” “Number One With a Bullet,” “Green House,” and “Touched by a Lawyer” all eligible for consideration), and two, for this year only, there are special categories for any 48 Hour Film Project film, no matter when it was produced. Those categories include Overall Production, Directing, Lead Actor, Writer, Cinematography, and Music. Eligible films under those criteria would include “Schlimmer,” “The Big Lie,” “Quite Contrary,” “Close Quarters,” “You Pay Your Dues,” “All Roads Lead Away,” “Please Forward,” and the aforementioned “Liability” and “Touched by a Lawyer.” (Wow, we’ve made a lot of those.)

We’ve already submitted a few films for overall production consideration, but if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring for your “skills” contribution to any of the above-mentioned films, let us know ASAP and we’ll be sure to get you a DVD for your submission! (We’ve even remastered several of them just for the occasion.)

That’s all for today. Hope to see several of you Thursday night!