Anything But Quiet

All right, so it’s been a while since we sent out an update, but please don’t take that to mean that things have been quiet. True, we don’t have a whole lot of production or other news since the Peer Awards (still working on finalizing “The Lake”), but in the meantime, we’ve been shouting like a couple of madmen.

Let me explain… in addition to producing “professional-quality independent entertainment,” one of our original objectives in establishing Tohubohu Productions was to give people an opportunity to learn more about the craft of filmmaking. And the Tohubohu Producer Podcast is one way of expanding that education beyond just the periodic on-the-job production. And so far, it’s been going pretty well: As of today, we’ve got five solid episodes under our belts since our relaunch in November, and we’ve managed to stick to our planned once-monthly production schedule. So if you’ve been holding off on subscribing — wanting to make sure we actually kept going with this — then I’m afraid you’re out of excuses. But the great thing is that you can go back and catch up on previous episodes at your convenience! You’ll have a chance to hear highlights such as:

  • The top 10 essentials for a 48 Hour Film Project production
  • An overview of DSLR filmmaking with special guest BigTony
  • A discussion of film festival submission strategies
  • A detailed interview with “The Lake” writer/co-director/co-producer Tara Garwood

And this month, in addition to Bjorn and Bill’s Academy Awards recap, you’ll get to hear about the films that inspired some of the DMV’s top independent filmmakers — with contributions from Francis Abbey, Lonnie Martin, Ron Newcomb, and Kevin Good. Moreover, you’ll hear about several upcoming events, such as the “audition competition” Monologue Madness, the filmmaking adventure that is Genre Wars, and a biweekly Writers’ Round-Table for screenwriting critiques. You can visit the podcast site for more information and detailed show notes, or subscribe (free) via the iTunes Store (where you can also rate the program).

Moving forward, we’d love to get your input. Since this is intended to be helpful to the DC-area independent filmmaking community, we want to know what will be most useful to you the listener. What do you want to hear about? Who would you like to hear from? Would you like to join in on a topic of your expertise? Send your suggestions — or other feedback — to us directly at

Of course, we’ll likely be spending a fair amount of time across the next few episodes gearing up for one of our big regular events: The 48 Hour Film Project. Registration for the DC competition begins this week. So in addition to soliciting podcast topic areas around the Project, consider this Tohubohu’s first official call for participation. Want to try throwing your hat into the ring for the team this year? Or participating on another team and want to share your experience? Drop us a line and let us know.

Let the filmmaking commence!