Expanding the “Official” Catalog

Just wanted to mention that “Machinations” has joined “Quite Contrary” in being included in the Internet Movie Database. No details yet (they’re coming), but the film’s there (thanks to its acceptance into the Science Fiction Short Film Festival).

And while we’re on the subject, more details have been added to the “Quite Contrary” page, meaning a lot more of the folks who worked on it have been recognized (and there are still more additions to come). Congrats to all!

Oh, and when you get a chance, you may want to head over and make sure your details are correct. And vote for the films! (Rate “Quite Contrary” here and “Machinations” here.)

Now We’re Official

Well, one of our films is anyway. All of the production details (cast, crew, company info, etc.) are still pending, but “Quite Contrary” now has an official entry at the Internet Movie Database. So while you’re thinking about it, everyone head over and cast your vote for it (rating it highly, of course). And add your comments, if you like. Let’s start the buzz on this one!

With any luck, all of the supplemental info will be addded soon, and we’ll have a chance to add things like an official one-sheet poster. Speaking of which, anyone want to take a stab at designing a decent one? All we’ve got right now is a pretty basic black with the title and a still shot from the film...

(In fact, that request goes for any of the films in our catalog.)

Edit: Looks like Tohubohu has its own entry as well, though it’s not much more than a placeholder at the moment.

Becoming a Bit More Official

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have finally gotten around to submitting “Quite Contrary” to the Internet Movie Database, in light of its official selection as part of the DC Shorts Film Festival.

The approval process usually takes a few weeks, so we’ll hopefully have some more information as to whether or not it’s been accepted then. Once it’s in (hey, I’m optimistic), we can go about making sure everyone’s name is correct and so on. But for right now, it’s just another waiting game. Kind of par for the course for us.