Episode 29: Crowdfunding Redux

In this extended episode, first airing August 1, 2013, Bjorn and Bill convene a virtual roundtable of DMV filmmakers — Francis Abbey, Ron Newcomb, Lonnie Martin and Richard Cutting — to discuss the current (and future) of crowdfunding as it pertains to independent production financing.

 Podcast Chapters

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. Muse of the Moment (3:33)
  3. Calendar Spotlight (15:21)
  4. Filmmaker Roundtable: Crowdfunding (18:07)
  5. Conclusion (1:34:44)

Show Notes

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Muse of the Moment

Calendar Spotlight

Filmmaker Roundtable: Crowdfunding

Filmmaker Roundtable: Crowdfunding(continued)


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