And That’s It for This Contest

Well, the official lineup for the “Best of the 48 Hour Film Project” has been announced, and it looks like neither Tohubohu film made it. Still, there are some really good films in the lineup, so I’d still wholeheartedly recommend attending the screening this Thursday evening.

I’m still trying to decide if we should enter the Baltimore contest — I’ve gotten a few enthusiatic participants, some more definite “nos” — and a whole lot of “no responses.” I’ve theoretically got until Friday to decide, but it’d be nice if I had a more confident feeling about it at this point.

As for Chicago, I assume I’ve got a little time, though they haven’t published an entry deadline date yet.

Of course, both our movies are up on our website — and very shortly (as soon as I get around to updating the site), our latest offerings will be available in stunning new Quicktime 7 format! Sorry to all of you PC people out there (for whom QuickTime 7 is not available — yet), but the quality improvement in the new H.264 codec is just too good to pass up (but don’t worry, we’re not taking down the older versions right away either). So check the site soon (and regularly), then sit back, grab some corn, and... it’s movie time!