Tohubohu Rides Again... Maybe

Well, this past weekend’s Tohubohu birthday party project was a hoot — although the biggest lesson the girls learned was that moviemaking isn’t nearly as glamorous and exciting as TV makes it look. For the most part, you’re sitting around and waiting. Or doing the same thing repeatedly (though we certainly tried to minimize that for this group). We’ll see how it looks once I edit it all together (we did do a couple of pickup shots with my daughters on Sunday, just to cover ourselves a bit).

As for the Baltimore edition of the 48 Hour Film Project, still no word as to whether we’re in or not. We did end up signing up for the random entry drawing, though at first it looked like they’d closed the signups a bit early (according to Mark Ruppert, it was due to a website glitch, and he assured me we’d be placed in the drawing). So now we’re just waiting. And unfortunately, I have to jet off to Atlanta for another video shoot in about 20 minutes, so I may not know for a while.

I’ll try to post notice as soon as I hear, but no promises as to the timeliness (though if anyone else is watching, you could post a comment here as well).