Tonight’s Screening/Wrap Party

Just wanted to let everyone know that the official 48 Hour Film Project wrap party tonight will be held at McGinty’s Pub, located at 911 Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring. Basically, it’s right around the corner (well, a couple of corners) from the AFI Silver Theatre. There will technically be two parties, one after the 7:00 screening, and one after the 9:30 screening. However, since Pam and I will be staying through the second screening, I can tell you right now that we’ll probably only be at the second party. Which will be the cool one.

They haven’t said anything about when they might be announcing awards, though my instinct is that it’ll be after the second screening (i.e., after all of the films have been shown). So while our film will be shown as part of the 7:00 show, you may want to pick up a ticket for the second show as well. Your call.

As far as parking goes, I’ve found the Town Square garage to be convenient (go North on Colesville past the theater, then take your first right and then turn left to enter the garage; there’s also the Wayne Avenue garage, just another block away. My understanding is that parking is free after 6:00, but don’t quote me. You can find a little parking map at the AFI Silver’s “directions” site.

This has been a phenomenal experience, and I just wanted to thank everyone who made “You Pay Your Dues” such a success. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Hope to see you tonight!