Screening Wrap-Up

Well, beyond the selection as part of the “Best Of” screening, “You Pay Your Dues” didn’t take home any additional honors. A disappointment, to be sure, but not one we can really begrudge anyone — particularly given the representation of Tohubohu alumni among some of the winning entries. Veteran contributor Bjorn Munson’s Team Jabberwocky took home Best Cinematography honors for “DeLeon Crossing,” and Ryan “Machinations” Mulkay worked with Integral Arts’ “The Kumbio Takedown,” which won not only the Best Acting award, but also Best in City for Washington, DC. Congratulations!

Other notable winners were Best Directing for WIT’s “Seasonal Disorder” (which also won the Audience Award for our screening), Best Original Music for the musical “Leon!” and Best Special Effects for “Urine Cake.”

Thanks to everyone for your help and support — and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted about upcoming opportunities!