Episode 15: Mark Ruppert and the 48 Hour Film Project

In this episode, first airing May 1, 2012, we’ll speak with Mark Ruppert, creator and co-founder of the 48 Hour Film Project, and chat with a few 48 Hour Film Project team leaders — past and present — about their most memorable experiences and current plans.

Podcast Chapters

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. Muse of the Moment (1:57)
  3. Calendar Spotlight (11:51)
  4. Tohubohu Interview: Mark Ruppert (24:22)
  5. 48HFP Team Leader Thoughts (34:17)
  6. Conclusion (47:13)

Show Notes

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Muse of the Moment

Calendar Spotlight

Tohubohu Interview: Mark Ruppert

48HFP Team Leader Thoughts


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