Episode 16: The 2012 DC 48 Hour Film Project

In this extended episode, first airing June 5, 2012, we’ll conduct our official recap of the 2012 48 Hour Film Project for Washington, DC — focusing not only on Tohubohu’s entry, the dramatic short “At Last,” but also on the efforts of an assortment of other team leaders and participants.

Podcast Chapters

  1. Introduction (0:00)
  2. Muse of the Moment (1:47)
  3. Calendar Spotlight (9:52)
  4. 48HFP DC 2012 Recap: Kickoff (13:18)
  5. 48HFP DC 2012 Recap: Production (37:44)
  6. 48HFP DC 2012 Recap: Dropoff (56:57)
  7. 48HFP DC 2012 Recap: Aftermath (1:05:18)
  8. Conclusion (1:10:38)

Show Notes

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Muse of the Moment

Calendar Spotlight

48HFP DC 2012 Recap: Kickoff

48HFP DC 2012 Recap: Production

48HFP DC 2012 Recap: Aftermath

Award winners:

  • Advancing Age” — The Big Honkin’ (YouTube site) [Best Film, Best Editing]
  • The Elements” — DC Dogs (YouTube site) [Best Directing, Best Use of Prop]
  • To Dad” — Pantless Productions (Vimeo site) [Best Ensemble Acting, Best Writing, Best Film Runner-Up]
  • Re-Break” — Wallingford Films (Vimeo site) [Best Actor (Chris Cantelmi)]
  • Presence” — Cavegirl Productions (official site) [Best Actress (Rebecca A. Herron), Best Cinematography, Best Costumes, Best Use of Line]
  • Mancession” — Citra Productions (Vimeo site) [Best Graphics, Best Use of Character]
  • Passage” — WIT Films (Vimeo site) [Best Musical Score]

Additional “Best Of” selections:

Other notable films:

  • Decaffeinated” — Crowded Elevator Pictures (Vimeo site)
  • Viral” — Cyclopean Pictures (Vimeo site)


Additional Credits